Laws of the Game

our goal is to build a better sphere. in order to preserve the quality of play on the field, we need to follow these laws to protect our sphere. these boundaries help ensure a safe atmosphere. we ask that all players, teammates, and coaches adhere to the following laws of the game:

Team First.

Play for the name on the front of the jersey, not the one on the back. No player or club is more important than our team.

#1 Rule.

There are no strangers on the field. meet and greet your teammates before you take the pitch.

No Fouls.

On or off the field there is zero tolerance for any harassment, fighting or anyone jeopardizing our team atmosphere. All players must practice kindness, play respectfully, and have a ball.

Respect the Field.

No soliciting or selling any outside business, product or service on the field, in the locker room, or to your club.

Connect not Compete.

Check your ego on the sideline and be a good player but a better person. Our non-competitive concept has zero tolerance for players that jeopardize our team atmosphere.


Always support the play, both on and off the field. Look to pass rather than shoot and assist when you can. Play it forward and keep our sphere moving.

No cell phones.

Hang up and hangout. Play in the present and enjoy your time on the ball. No cell phones on the field or in the locker room.

No Cleats.

To create an even playing field and safe environment we ask that all players wear indoor or running shoes when taking the field. No cleats or spikes.


All players must be in sphere gear before you take the field. Our team concept is about creating a place where everyone is welcome regardless of the color of your cleats, style of play or position off the field.

Clean Sheets.

Keep your game and the field clean. We win by helping people connect and making the field a better place to play. Safety and community first.