Building a Better Sphere One Club at a Time

sphere is a team playing to connect the world by helping adults unite through soccer and fitness. at sphere, our goal is to build communities where people huddle up around one of our game-changing workout experiences, locker room atmospheres, or seasonal calendar events. we’re a community committed to connecting, not competing, creating an even playing field where all teammates are welcome.

Why We Are Sphere

In a world where technology is supposed to connect us, it has left us more disconnected. In 2020, there was a 35% increase in anxiety and a 34% increase in depression among young adults compared to 2019. This has led to the greatest mental health crisis in united states history. With symptoms like anxiety and depression also come social and physical isolation. This has never been more apparent than with the covid-19 pandemic affecting people across the world. Sphere is a global community playing to make our world a better place by bringing it together.


Members have the option to either become a captain and run their own club or join an existing one. As a captain, you get access to Sphere’s education platform and physical assets allowing you to start your own membership-based business. As a player, you can decide which club is the best fit for your goals.

Join a Community

Start a Club

Sphere HoUSton

Locker Room

Sphere is more than a soccer-fitness concept, it’s a community. Once a player joins the club, they enter our social network that we call the “locker room”. Each community is given its own club chat to share information about where they are kicking it on and off the field. Our universal laws of the game, rules on the field and locker room protocol ensures a safe space for everyone to focus on connecting. We don’t care about the color of your cleats, style of play, or position off the field. All we ask is that players practice with kindness, integrity, and respect on or off the field.

Our Story

Our company was born out of necessity for human connection and camaraderie – particularly, the family atmosphere that is established inside the locker room of a sports team where strangers become teammates, and teammates become family. Our story kicked off when our founder, Michael Chabala, finished his 9-year major league soccer career and was missing the locker room, workouts, and human connection he was so familiar with.

While experiencing his first corporate job, he explored the hyper competitive indoor soccer scene and boutique fitness market in search of a replacement to meet his fitness and social needs. Looking to connect, not compete, and to feel part of a team again, he realized that what he was looking for did not exist, so he created it.

From a parking lot behind an optometry practice, to public parks around the city of Houston, to finally building sphere’s first indoor location, Chabala focused on creating the same locker room atmosphere and game-changing workout experience that he acquired from his time as a professional. That feeling of happiness, health, and connection is what Sphere is all about, and it’s the atmosphere we play to create.

What We Do and Why We Do It

sphere aspires to be the most powaful locker room in the world with a complete atmosphere of content, gear, and community that represent the mission of making our world a better place by connecting it. specifically, using the global game of soccer as he vehicle to show the world that we all have something in common.

at sphere, we play for the name on the front of our shirts, not just the one on the back. joining the club is a decision to play outside of your comfort zone, a decision to choose human connection and love over technology and hate, to be the most welcoming player on and off the field and help turn strangers into teammates and our world into a better place.