our sphere headquarters is located in hoUSton where we offer the most game-changing atmosphere and workout experience. our team concept offers several different 45-minute endurance-based workouts with or without the ball to meet the needs of every player. this is a beat-based concept with a daily theme about what it takes to be a complete player (endurance, agility, body and core strength) so that no workout is ever the same. our non-competitive concept is for all players over the age of 18, regardless of your fitness ability or skill level



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sphere hoUSton | 1739 Bingle Rd, Houston, TX 77055

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play freely! the game doesn’t stop, and neither should you. increase endurance, agility, strength and powa with our non-stop pickup game. stay on your toes as our coaches change the game to help you score on whatever goal you’re shooting for

for all our players missing soccer practice, this class is for you! a fluid 45-minute workout that mixes games and practice drills for the perfect disguised fitness experience. increase skill work, technical ability and first touch while working with your teammates

for those players looking for a weekly match, we’ve got a league for you. a professional setup facilitated by our coaches, not referees, to ensure our sphere standard of play. 40-minute games that will test your endurance and touch. connect not compete with our baller league (4vs4) or teammate league (5vs5). all sphere rules apply

soccer + fitness

our signature class with the ball is designed for everyone — from rookies to veterans. each workout is team-inspired but individually focused to get you doing more with a ball than just scoring goals. #keeptheballrolling for 45 minutes while increasing endurance, agility, strength and powa with our game-changing team concept and class

a 45-minute, disguised adult workout, focusing on connecting you with your mini (2-5 years old) while meeting new teammates in a similar season of life. the ultimate family experience giving everyone a reason to play, connect, and practice teamwork and social skills. adults must play in order for your mini to practice

change up the game by bringing your private group to sphere. choose from one of our game-changing workouts to increase fitness, connection and fun.


45 minutes without the ball. designed to reflect #preseason and created to welcome all new players to the club regardless of skill and fitness ability. @playagreatgame and increase endurance, agility, strength and powa with our game-changing team concept and class. #letskickit

find your powa with our 45-minute strength and conditioning class. a hiit (high intensity interval training) class using a slam ball, resistance band, and body weight for the ultimate sculpting workout. these scripted workouts are designed to push your aerobic limits and get you outside of your comfort zone to help you become the best version of yourself on and off the field

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