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how to become a sphere coach or club captain

1. sign up for training

choose how to take your instructor training: livestream, on-demand, and in-person training are now available

2. get your license 

as soon as you complete your training, you’ll be licensed to start teaching any sphere or club classes

3. join the sphere® instructor network

with the best teaching tools + resources at your fingertips, sphere ensure your success as a sphere instructor

what you’ll get

with your sphere® instructor training, you’ll get everything you need to play into coach or captain success

License to teach
once you complete your training, you will receive your license and can start teaching wherever and whenever you’d like!

the sphere gameplan
the sphere gameplan makes the sphere program unique and revolutionary in the fitness and soccer world. the combination of 4 elements to the formula results in a special, new, and dynamic fitness experience

stay connected
keep your certification current and stay connected with access to the sphere captain and coach network – keep your certification current with 24/7 access to exercise updates, new workouts, updated playlists, business trainings, and marketing tools to help you build, teach and promote your classes

Skill building + education
learn, grow, and have some fun! you’ll walk away understanding the sphere fundamentals, connection, atmosphere, workouts, and much more.

get paid to teach classes, stay fit, and do what you love. as the leader of your class and community you will develop confidence, build new connections and develop better public speaking skills. but most importantly, build community and make your city a better place by bringing it closer together. you’re the boss – and we are here to support you every step of the way. make money teaching when you want, whenever you want, as much as you want.

whats included
the full sphere training manual and online certification class, video training manual, preseason gear package, community motivation and network, and the license to teach sphere or club, business growth strategies, mentorship, and continuing education


cap™ is a monthly membership program created to give you ongoing support and tools for success. You’ll get everything you need to take your instructor career to the next level.

the first step is to attend a sphere® white level instructor training. we only offer the sphere® white level instructor training on demand. there are no prerequisites to becoming a sphere® instructor, although a fitness or soccer background is always a plus. anyone 18 years or older (ages 15-17 with parental consent) may take a sphere® instructor training.

the sphere® white level on demand instructor training is online and includes 4-6 hours of premium content broken up into 17 modules that you can complete at your own pace.

similar to most fitness certifications, the sphere® license is good for a limited time and must be renewed so that sphere® instructors are equipped with the most up to date teaching methods, programming and best practices. the sphere® license is good for 6 months. joining the sphere® instructor network will keep your license active as long as you are a member in good standing because you will always be up to date on the latest music, programming and more!

the sphere® white level instructor training (also known as sphere beginner level) prepares you with the foundation and formula to teach a sphere® class. you will learn the plan for our four basic classes (play, skill, soccer + fitness and fitness); how to facilitate them with the music; and how to coach your first sphere® class. we provide you with all the tools and resources you need to teach a sphere® class. there are no prerequisites. on the day of the instructor training, you will receive the following materials:
4 basic class review
-the sphere® white level instructor digital manual
-sphere® white level certificate of completion
-fitness certification credits for instructor trainings (varies by country)
-6 months license to teach basic sphere® classes

sphere® classes are easy to learn and teach. regardless of your fitness level or soccer background you will learn how to coach for all levels. our simple proven method and coaching style allows every instructor to learn the basics and be ready for any practice. no prior experience in soccer or fitness required. if you love community, soccer and/or fitness – this
 is for you!

become an instructor