It’s all good! One of the great things about sphere is you can do as much or as little during a workout as you want. While there are no organized breaks during classes, you are free to step off the pitch whenever you need.

While we don’t have a specific beginner’s class, all of our workouts are open to new players.

Yes! A majority of our players have no soccer experience. While we do work with a soccer ball, it’s not necessary to be the next Messi.

Yes. All first time players can kick it for their first month at a discounted price. Check out our pricing page for more info.

Plenty of water and a towel.

Your favorite workout clothes and sneakers! No soccer gear necessary.

We recommend any indoor soccer cleat or sneakers. Shoes with spikes will NOT be permitted on the pitch.

Yes, every player must create an online account in order to kick it. There are various pricing options from a single drop-in to autopay monthtly memberships.