It’s Time to Play

Why Bring Sphere to Your CIty?

People are always looking for a new way to break a sweat and play soccer outside of competitive leagues while craving a better way to connect with new teammates. Sphere helps you lap into all this demand by creating a locker room atmosphere and adult membership. You can add SPhere programming to bring people together through soccer, soccer + fitness or fitness classes. offering sphere in your city or facility will attract new members and create new opportunities.

6 Reasons to Bring Sphere to Your City


Adult Membership.

Create a new line of revenue


Free space.

Utilize unused facility hours or public parks



Build a locker room atmosphere and create human connection


Captain Support.

Instructors get proven marketing tools along with tons of continued education and training opportunities



Create alternative opportunities outside of class offerings


Team record + Proven Results.

Our unique mix of classes, locker room atmosphere and workout experience is proven to deliver results on and off the field

One is outdoor.
One is indoor.

At club, you connect your way through a community practice meeting new teammates while losing weight and having fun

All club practices start with a 17 minute workout followed by 46 minutes of organized play

All club mixes are created to keep everyone playing to the beat and dancing their way to practice

all club practices are outside at a park or community field

Sphere training, you push yourself beyond your comfort zone through one of our game-changing workout classes to achieve whatever goal you’re shooting for

Practices ranging from soccer, soccer + fitness and fitness that are all 45-minutes that use only your body weight or resistance bands

The music was reverse-engineered to match every move and section of practice to create the perfect playlist. It includes fast-paced beets like edm and hip-hop to keep you motivated and playing to the beat

All Sphere workouts are facilitated at an indoor location and space is limited per practice


Bring our atmosphere to your city.