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sphere is a soccer-inspired fitness concept. we focus on the quality of play instead of minutes on the field, connecting people rather than passes, and doing more with a ball than just scoring goals. our 45-minute classes feature high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, technical skill work and rhythm-based play designed to disguise fitness. but it's more than just a game—it's a powaful mind, body, and sole experience. we huddle up together as a team, led by spherical coaches - not referees - who support and inspire us to play a great game.



get in the game! sign up online and pick your position on the field. remember your jersey number you’ve selected— you’ll be using it throughout the game.



give yourself the best chance to play a great game by making sure you powa up before you take the pitch. we have water in the locker room — bring your bottle to fill up or grab one from the front desk.


lace up

our pitch is designed to let you and the ball play fast—turf or indoor shoes will improve your chances to score. wear your favorite shorts or tights with a tank or tee. leave your ego and cleats at home.


arrive early

kickoff starts promptly at your scheduled class time. after seven minutes, we open up the field to our substitution list. any later, and you’ll be on the bench. don’t let the game pass you by.


find your locker

check your ego, gear and cell phone in your locker before kickoff. only water is allowed on the field.


connect a pass 

get the ball rolling by connecting a few passes with your teammates before kickoff. communication is key to play a great game.


play a great game 

good luck! life is too short to play it safe and not explore the field. play with purpose, you only get one chance to play.



be a good player but a better person

we are a team-inspired concept but individually focused. play your own game but remember we are ALL on the same team. we’re not keeping score so don’t take the game—or yourself—too seriously.


fair play

the whole point of the game is to keep moving and not let it pass by, so stay on your feet and out of the goals.



we love all styles of play as long as you play forward. no long balls or shots. keep the ball on the ground. nobody likes a ball hog, so pass and keep moving!


play in the present

no cell phones or PDA in sphere. if you’re expecting an urgent call, please speak with our front office. our staff is happy to store your phone and communicate in case of an emergency.


respect the field

keep your game—and our field—clean. that means no soccer cleats, gum, or spitting on the field at any time. don’t miss your chance to play by getting a red card.



play the field, not the competition. play your own game. someone else is already playing theirs. there are no positions on our field, so open up the game and play freely.



keep your eye on the ball! be a player, not a spectator. we encourage water breaks, but not half-times. grab a drink and get back in the game.



we are your coach, not your referee. we support and inspire the team to play a great game. we don't care about the color of your cleats, style of play or position off the field. we want you to be a good player, but a better person.



safety first, but you’re not going to score by playing in your comfort zone. how would you play today if you knew you couldn’t tomorrow?



we’re here to change the game by creating an atmosphere one huddle at a time. if you want to play fast, go alone. if you want to go far, play together.


stay connected

play forward, stay connected, and keep the ball rolling. the final whistle doesn’t mean the game is over. follow us on social media to keep up with our play on and off the field.



be ready to play every sunday at 5:46 pm local time as our upcoming weekly schedule goes live. play fast as lineups are limited and fill up quickly.


welcome to the club

player! thank you for giving us a shot and supporting our play. looking forward to kicking it with you. see you on the pitch.