"i'm not a soccer player!"

"i've never kicked a ball before!" 

well you're not alone. have no fear --- our goal is to help you protect yours. your inhibitions will be conquered once you step on the field, the lights go down, the music turns up, and the ball gets rolling.

since 2015, sphere has been out to change the game to do more with a ball than just score goals. our signature 45-minute soccer-inspired fitness classes are designed to replicate a half of soccer. we run, kick, play while we HIIT our upper body, lower body, and core. we incorporate all aspects of the workout into a team inspired environment but individually-focused workout so you get out what you put in, while being inspired and motivated by your team.

what is "soccer fit," you may ask? take a look at david beckham and alex morgan and you'll catch the drift. see you on the pitch soon.


class descriptions:

  • sphere: our signature non-stop soccer-inspired fitness class designed for all skill levels from beginners-to-pros. the workout is team inspired but individually focused, using a ball to do more than just score goals.

  • toca: practice like you play! get your touches on the ball through our 45-minute soccer-fitness skill class. designed to enhance every players first touch and skill level to help take your game to the next level.

  • bala: play freely! 45-minutes of non-stop soccer. helping players score through disguising fitness while enjoying the beautiful game.

  • 45: 45-minutes of non-stop soccer fitness WITHOUT a ball. our body class is designed to help any player score by assisting the play with high intensity intervals and powa combos that will lean, tone and sculpt your body.

  • club: huddle up! our 45-minute OUTDOOR soccer-fitness workout plays to change the game. turning players into friends and friends into family one pass at a time. creating an atmosphere on and off the field through powa combos and disguised fitness.

  • powa: 30-minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and powa combos strength training that uses the ball to shred your fitness goals.

  • mini: kickoff with your sidekick (ages 4-8) as we bring a new kick to family fitness. combining skill, fun and fitness in a unique 45-minute game for you and your mini