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grab your teammates and huddle up! with your $500 team purchase, you will be placed into our 7 week season. all roster sizes are capped at 7 players per team. additionally, each player on the roster will get unlimited access to any bala or toca class during their season.

  • 7 game season (3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss - no playoff)

  • player league: 4 vs 4 (no gks & guys only) - 3 subs. 8:00 pm kickoff

  • teammate league: 5 vs 5 (no gks & 2 girls on field at all times) - 2 subs. 8:00 pm kickoff

  • solemate league: 4 vs 4 (no gks & 2 girls + 2 guys on field at all times) - 3 subs. 5:00 pm kickoff

  • 17 min halves

  • sphere issued pennies will be distributed before kickoff

league rules:

  • stay on your feet (no cleats) and out of the goals (no goal keepers). keep the ball on the ground and connect a pass rather than taking a long shot.

  • no media or fans on game day. cell phones and solemates are not allowed in sphere during the run of play.

  • check your ego on the sideline. we’re all on the same team, just wearing different colored jerseys. nobody cares how good you play on the field, we care about how you kick it off.

  • keep your game clean and your uniform. your teammate does not want to play off your odor.

  • #playagreatgame

once purchased, a promo code will be emailed to your entire squad within 24 hours from our front office.

if you have any questions, please email info@sphere.club.


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